# Name State Term Party Vice President
1 George Washington Virginia 1789-1797 Nonpartisan John Adams
2 John Adams Massachusetts 1797-1801 Federalist Thomas Jefferson
3 Thomas Jefferson Virginia 1801-1809 Democratic-Republican Aaron Burr, George Clinton
4 Alexander Hamilton New York 1809-1817 Federalist Charles C. Pinckney, John Marshall
5 James Madison Virginia 1817-1825 Democratic-Republican James Monroe
6 John Quincy Adams Massachusetts 1825-1833 National John C. Calhoun, John W. Taylor
7 Andrew Jackson Tennessee 1833-1837 Democratic Martin Van Buren
8 Henry Clay Kentucky 1837-1841 National William Henry Harrison
9 William Henry Harrison Ohio 1841-1841 National Daniel Webster
10 Daniel Webster Massachusetts 1841-1845 National None
11 James K. Polk Tennessee 1845-1849 Democrat George M. Dallas

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