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List of Presidents of the United States (American Empire)

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# Portrait President Party Term Began Term Ended Vice President(s)
1 John Adams John Adams Federalist 1789 1797 George Clinton
John Jay
2 John Jay John Jay Federalist 1797 1801 Charles Pinckney
3 Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson Democratic-Republican 1801 1809 Aaron Burr
George Clinton
4 75px James Madison Democratic-Republican 1809 1817 George Clinton
Eldridge Gerry
5 James Monroe James Monroe Democratic-Republican 1817 1825 Daniel D. Tompkins
6 John Quincy Adams John Quincy Adams Democratic-Republican
National Republican
1825 1829 John C. Calhoun
7 Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson Democrat 1829 1837 John C. Calhoun
Martin Van Buren
8 Martin Van Buren Democrat 1837 1841 Richard M. Johnson
9 William Henry Harrison William Henry Harrison Whig 1841 1841 John Tyler
10 John Tyler John Tyler Whig
National Democrat Tyler
1841 1845 none
11 James K. Polk James K. Polk Democrat 1845 1849 George M. Dallas
12 Zachary Taylor Zachary Taylor Whig 1849 1850 Millard Fillmore
13 Millard Fillmore Millard Fillmore Whig 1850 1853 none
14 Franklin Pierce Franklin Pierce Democrat 1853 1857 William R. King
15 James Buchanan James Buchanan Democrat 1857 1861 John C. Breckenridge
16 Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln Republican 1861 1865 Hannibal Hamlin

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