Number Name Term Start Term End Party Notes
1 Eamon Valera 22 June 1932 30 August 1936 Fianna Fail First president of the Unified Republic. 3rd President of the Old Republic of Ireland
2 George T. Cosgrave 1 December 1936 5 January 1939 Unified Ireland Believed that Ireland should become closer to Britain to secure its future. Outraged country and was voted out of power
3 Eamon Valera 23 June 1939 4 November 1947 Fianna Fail Reinstated as President. Served 1 and a half terms decided to resign due to stress.
4 Johnathon Pierce 10 November 1947 5 March 1950 Fianna Fail Caused Economic Depression was recommended by the International Finances Association to be removed. Removed by referendum on 5 March 1950.
5 Gregory Rudden 1 July 1950 23 May 1971 The Federal Party Longest serving President. Relected 4 times died in office aged 83. Oldest president in office ever
6 Victor Smith 1 September 1971 3 December 1984 The Federal Republican Party First president of the merged Federal Republican Party (Fianna Fail and The Federal Party). Resigned after economic policies failed.
7 John Burton 1 January 1985 13 February 1988 United Ireland Tried to exceed term after being voted out and military resistance was sent in to remove him from power. He was the last United Ireland president and led to the party's dissolution in 1989.
8 Josaph Valera 4 April 1988 21 October 1999 The Federal Republican Party Died in office. Started the rapid economic growth of Ireland.
9 George Hardcock 1 December 1999 5 February 2002 The Social-Democratic Alliance Alliance of two parties. Collapsed after 2 years after the budget was rejected by parliament. Union of Social Democrats and Progressive Democratics.
10 Henry Borne 1 April 2002 28 May 2010 The Federal Republican Party 3rd President of the Federal Republican Party. His party lost seats and did not have enough seats to be relected.
11 Michael Kenny 1 June 2010 Present The Democratic Party First president of the new Democratic Party. Current President

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