The following is a list of presidents of the Republic of New England in the New England Secession universe. Of the six presidents the upstart nation has had, one has been unaffiliated, three of been members of the Progressive Social Democratic Party, and two have been members of the Centrist Party.


# Name Took Office Left Office Home State Party Vice President(s)

Vice President(s)'s
Home State(s)

1 Michael Dukakis 1986 1989 Masachusetts No Party None N/A
2 Milton Emerson, Jr. 1989 1997 Maine Progressive Social Democratic None N/A
3 Lincoln Chafee 1997 1998 Rhode Island Centrist None N/A
4 Bernie Sanders 1998 2005 Vermont Progressive Social Democratic Tom Allen Maine
5 Susan Collins 2005 2009 Maine Centrist Joe Lieberman Connecticut
6 Howard Dean 2009 Present Vermont Progressive Social Democratic Barney Frank Massachusetts

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