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List of Presidents of the Confederate States of America (Royal Prerogative)

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# Portrait Name Took office Left office Party Vice President(s)
1 Jefferson Davis Jefferson Davis 1861 1868 Democratic Alexander Stephens
2 Lee2 Robert E. Lee 1868 1870 Democratic Joseph R. West
3 John B Gordon2 John B. Gordon 1870 1874 Democratic None
4 Longstreet James Longstreet 1874 1880 Reform James B. Beck
5 Stonewall jackson 2 Thomas J. Jackson 1880 1886 Reform Francis Cockrell
6 442px-Francis Cockrell - Brady-Handy Francis Cockrell 1886 1892 Reform William E. Cameron
7 William E Cameron William E. Cameron 1892 1898 Reform Henry L. Mitchell
8 John T Morgan John Tyler Morgan 1898 1904 Democratic Newton Blanchard
9 Newton Blanchard Newton Blanchard 1904 1910 Democratic John S. Little
10 Dickinson Jacob M. Dickinson 1910 1916 Reform Alexander S. Clay
(Died 1910)
11 Woodrow Wilson Thomas Woodrow Wilson 1916 1922 Democratic William C. Houston
10 Charles Henderson Charles Henderson 1922 1928 Reform Thomas S. Martin
11 HueyPLong Huey Long 1928 1934 Democratic Cameron Morrison

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