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# Portrait President Party Term Began Term Ended Vice President(s)
1 Jefferson Davis Jefferson Davis none 1861 1867 Alexander H. Stephens
2 President Lee in 1869 Robert E. Lee none 1867 1870 Nathan Bedford Forrest
3 Nathan Bedford Forrest Nathan Bedford Forrest none 1870 1873 none
4 225px-Alexander Stephens -1855 Alexander H. Stephens none 1873 1879 Judah P. Benjamin
5 Fitzhugh Fitzhugh Lee Whig Party 1879 1885 Judah P. Benjamin
6 Reagan John Reagan Whig Party 1885 1891 James Longstreet
7 Longstreet James Longstreet Whig Party 1891 1897 B. B. Comer
8 Charles A Culberson Charles A. Culberson Whig Party 1897 1903 tbd
9 James Hoge Tyler James Hoge Tyler Whig Party 1903 1909 tbd
10 Woodrow Wilson Woodrow Wilson Whig Party 1909 1915 Robert B. Glenn
11 Robert B. Glenn Robert B. Glenn Whig Party 1915 1920 Joseph M. Brown
12 Joseph M. Brown Whig Party 1920 1921 none
13 John Nance Garner John Nance Garner Whig Party 1921 1927 tbd
14 Harry F. Byrd Harry Byrd Restoration 1927 1945 William Simmons
15 William-simmons William Simmons Restoration 1945 position abolished none

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