# Portait President Party Term Began Term Ended Vice President
1 Jefferson Davis Jefferson Davis None 1861 1867 Alexander Stephens
2 Stephens Alexander Stephens Southern Democrat 1867 1873 Charlie Henderson
3 Joseph Johnston Joseph E. Johnston Whig 1873 1879 James Longstreet
4 Tilden Samuel J. Tilden Southern Democrat 1879 1885 Matt W. Ransom
5 Carlisle John G. Carlisle Whig 1885 1903 Isham G. Harris
John S. Williams
6 John S Williams John S. Williams Whig 1903 1915 Oscar W. Underwood
7 Underwood Oscar W. Underwood Whig 1915 1921 Joseph T. Robinson
8 Robert L Owen Robert L. Owen Southern Democrat 1921 1933 John W. Davis
9 Garner2 John Nance Garner Whig 1933 1951 William Bankhead
John F. Byrnes
10 Stromthurmond J. Strom Thurmond Whig 1951 1963 John J. Sparkman
11 J. Edgar Hoover J. Edgar Hoover New Southern Democrat (NSD) 1963 1981 Lyndon B. Johnson
Robert C. Byrd
12 Connally2 John B. Connally Whig 1981 1993 Robert Graham
13 Pat Robertson M. "Pat" Robertson New Southern Democrat (NSD) 1993 2005 Patrick J. Buchanan
14 Pat Buchanan Patrick J. Buchanan New Southern Democrat (NSD) 2005 2011 Mike Huckabee
14 Mike Huckabee Mike Huckabee New Southern Democrat (NSD) 2011 present Lindsey Graham

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