The following is a list of Presidents (Lehendakari) of the Basque Republic since its independence following World War II.

Order Name Portrait Party Term Notes
1 José Antonio Aguirre EAJ 1946 - 1960 Died in office; Only President to serve more than two terms
2 Jesús María de Leizaola EAJ 1960 - 1966 Finished term of predecessor and served one term himself
3 Ignacio Untzeta EAJ 1966 - 1971 Did not seek reelection
4 Jesus Solaun EAJ 1971 - 1976 Did not seek reelection
5 Xabier Arzalluz EAJ 1976 - 1981 Did not seek re-election
6 Carlos Garaikoetxea EE 1981 - 1991 First President elected from somewhere other than the EAJ
7 José Antonio Ardanza Garro EAJ 1991 - 2001 First EAJ President since Aguirre to serve two terms
8 Juan José Ibarretxe EAJ 2001 - 2006 Did not seek re-election
9 Patxi López EE 2006 - 2011 Only President to seek re-election and fail to achieve it
10 Íñigo Urkullu Renteria EAJ 2011 - Present Incumbent

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