State Arms of Texas

Third Great Seal of Texas

The President of the Republic of Texas is the head of state for the Republic of Texas. The office was originally created in 1836 when Texas won its independence from Mexico. The final president of the 1800's-era republic was Anson Jones.

When Texas seceded in 1969, its current governor Preston Smith assumed the office of President. However, he died of a heart attack in 1977. His Vice President, Ben Barnes, took over. Barnes's presidency is noted by the Civil War and its domination by the Legislature. Barnes is often called the "puppet president" for that reason.

The 1985 presidential election was a major upset and the closest in Texas history. Expected victor David Duke of the xenophobic KNP lost to the first Hispanic president, Ramsey Muñiz. Muñiz was succeeded by George Bush, a millionaire businessman who spoke out against Duke and the KNP. However, he was nearly killed by a combination of KNP members and Rezurrectionists when they tried to burn down the Presidential Mansion. Rezurrectionist leader Chuck Norris declared himself President while Bush was sent to a Susquehanna hospital. When Norris was forced out of office in 1996, Bush resumed office. However, he suffered permanent damage from the attack. As such, he resigns. In the next presidential election, his son, the explorer Jeb Bush, gained the office.

Republic of Texas (1969 - 1993)

# Image Name Took Office Left Office Party Vice President(s)
1 Preston Smith Preston Smith1 1969 1977 Democratic Ben Barnes
2 Ben Barnes Ben Barnes 1977 1985 Democratic vacant
3 Ramsey Muniz 1972 Ramsey Muñiz 1985 1990 Unionist Carlos Truan2
4 George H. W. Bush George Bush3 1990 1993 Republican Greg Abbott4

Rezurrectionist Texas (1993 - 1996)

# Image Name Took Office Left Office Party
1 Chuck Norris Chuck Norris3 1993 1996 Christian Life

Republic of Texas (1996 - present)

# Image Name Took Office Left Office Party Vice President(s)
4 George H. W. Bush George Bush2 1996 1997 Republican vacant
5 Jeb Bush 1998 Jeb Bush 1997 2005 Republican-Unionist Rick Perry
6 Tony Garza Tony Garza 2005 present Unionist Rodney Ellis


1 Died in office
2 Resigned
3 Forced out of office
4 Assassinated

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