Presidential Standard of South Germany
Since its foundation on the 5 May, 1941, South Germany (officially known as the State of Germany), the President of Germany has held the position of head of state, with a large number of legislative, executive and representative duties and powers.

The office was first formed in the aftermath of the Great War, when the German Emperor Wilhelm II fled, the position of the head of state going to Friedrich Ebert as President of the Weimar republic. After the death of Paul von Hindenburg in 1934, the position of President was amalgamated with that of the chancellor by Adolf Hitler, who would later become known as Führer. After his assassination in 1937, the positions remained consolidated until Hermann Göring passed the 1945 constitution (also known as the Nuremberg constitution), in which the offices were finally made separate again.

The incumbent President of Germany is Günter Deckert, who was elected by the Reichstag on 14 July, 1994.

List of Presidents

  • † - Died in Office
  • ‡ - Assassinated
  • ↓ - Resigned
# Portrait Name Took Office Left Office Party Deputy President
Hermann Göring 5 May, 1941 12 August, 1949† NSDAP Alfred Rosenberg
Alfred Rosenberg 1939
Alfred Rosenberg 12 August, 1949 17 August, 1949 NSDAP Vacant
Bundesarchiv Bild 183-R14128A, Martin Bormann
Martin Bormann 17 August, 1949 22 April, 1962↓ NSDAP Otto Ernst Remer
Otto Ernst Remer
Otto Ernst Remer 22 April, 1962 3 November, 1983‡ NSDAP Fritz Rössler
Friedhelm Busse
Friedhelm Busse 3 November, 1983 16 November, 1983 NSDAP Vacant
Wilhelm Stuckart
Wilhelm Stuckart 16 November, 1983 26 March, 1987† NSDAP Friedhelm Busse
Friedhelm Busse
Friedhelm Busse 26 March, 1987 14 July, 1994↓ NSDAP Günter Deckert
Günter Deckert
Günter Deckert 14 July, 1994 Incumbent NSDAP Karl Richter

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