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Flag of Peru (state)

National ensign of Peru.

List of Presidents of Peru in Central World. The President of the Republic (Presidente de la República) is the head of state of Peru and represents the republic in official international matters.

The current president of Peru is Ollanta Humala, elected in 2009.


Picture President Period Party Notes
AUGUSTO LEGUIA Augusto B. Leguía y Salcedo September 24, 1908 - September 24, 1912 Civil Party Constitutional President
Guillermo Billinghurst Guillermo Billinghurst September 24, 1912 - February 4, 1914 Democrat Party Constitutional President
Oscar Benavides Óscar Benavides February 4, 1914 - August 18, 1915 Military Coup d'état
Jose Pardo José Pardo y Barreda August 18, 1915 - July 4, 1919 Civil Party Constitutional President
AUGUSTO LEGUIA Augusto B. Leguía y Salcedo July 4, 1919 - 1930 Reformist Democratic Party Constitutional President
Coup d'état
Tacna War
Peruvian Civil-Military Junta Civil-Military Junta 1930 - 1934 End of the Tacna War
Luis Antonio Eguiguren Escudero Luis Antonio Eguiguren 1934 - 1937 Socialdemocratic Party Civil War
Sánchez Cerro Luis Miguel Sánchez Cerro 1937 - 1943 Revolutionary Union Leader during the Peruvian Civil War
Flores1 Luis A. Flores 1943 - October 29, 1948 Revolutionary Union Deposed by a Military Coup
Manuel A Odria Manuel A. Odría 1948 - 1956 National Union
President Don Manuel Prado Manuel Prado Ugarteche 1956 - 1962 Democratic Movement
Haya de la Torre Víctor Raúl Haya de la Torre 1962 - 1968 American Revolutionary Popular Alliance
Velasco Alvarado Gral. Juan Velasco Alvarado 1968 - 1975 Military
Morales Bermudez Gral. Francisco Morales Bermúdez 1975 - 1982 Military Forced to resign by international pressure.
Uruguayan Military Provisional Junta 1982 - 1983
Presidente Belaunde Terry Fernando Belaúnde 1983 - 1988 Popular Action Party
1988 - 1993
1993 - 1998
1998 - 2003


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