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This is a list with Presidents of the Peru-Bolivian Confederation.

Presidents of Peru (before 1948)

Presidents of Bolivia (before 1948)


Interim Junta

Name Portrait Period Notes
Manuel A. Odría Manuel A Odria 1948 - 1951 From Peru
Enrique Peñaranda Enrique Peñaranda 1951 - 1954 From Bolivia

Confederation High Council

Name Portrait Period Notes
Zenón Noriega Agüero Zenón Noriega Agüero 1954 - 1957 Assassinated
Carlos Quintanilla Quiroga Carlos Quintanilla Quiroga 1957 - 1964 Died in office.
Ricardo Pérez Godoy Ricardo Perez Godoy 1964 - 1969
Gualberto Villarroel Gualb Vill 1969 - 1971
René Barrientos René Barrientos 1971 - 1974
Juan Velasco Alvarado Velasco Alvarado 1974 - 1977
Alfredo Ovando Candía Alfredo Ovando 1977 - 1979 Overthrow

Leaders of the Military Junta

Name Portrait Period Notes
Francisco Morales Bermúdez Morales Bermudez 1979 - 1984
Hugo Banzer General Banzer 1984 - 1988
Alberto Natusch Alberto-Natush 1988 - 1990
Edgardo Mercado Jarrín Edgardo Mercado Jarrín 1990 - 1994 Call to free elections.

Presidents of the Confederation

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