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List of Presidents of Omaha (Mors and Thanatos)

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This list details the presidents of the Populist Republic of Omaha since its provisional days to the present era.

List of Presidents of Omaha

Number Name Portrait Term Party Notes
1 James Weaver James Weaver - Brady-Handy 1893-1910 Populist President of the Provisional Republic
2 William Bryan Williambryan 1910-1920 Populist First President of Populist Republic
3 John Morehead JohnHMorehead 1915-1920 Populist First one term President
4 Samuel McKelvie SamuelMcKelvie 1920-1924 (Resigned) Populist First President to Resign; Convicted of Armed Robbery
5 Charles Bryan CharlesBryan 1924-1945 Populist Only President to die of natural causes in office
6 Robert Cochran Gov. Roy L. Cochran 1945-1955 Populist Only president to win two terms with approval rating under 25% (22% Average Approval Rating)
7 Victor Anderson Gov. Victor Andeson 1955-1960 Populist Most unpopular president to date (15% Average Approval Rating)
8 Carl Curtis CURTIS2C Carl Thomas2C 1960-1970 Populist Only Bachelor President to date
9 George Wallace 408px-George C Wallace (Alabama Governor) 1970 (Assassinated) Federalist First President to be assassinated; Caused by outrage from the supposed rigged election
10 Norbert Tiemann Gov. Norbert Tiemann 1970-1985 Populist First president to earn more than 1,000,000 votes in the election
11 Gerald Ford Ford-pardons-2- 1985-1998 (Assassinated) Populist Second President to be assassinated; Imperialist policies cited as the cause
12 Dick Cheney Cheney 1998-2010 Populist Most warlike president to date; Began the War of Mount Rushmore, Second Omahan-Misuri War, and Baja Colorado Rebellion
13 Bill Richardson Bill Richardson 2010- Populist Incumbent President

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