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List of Presidents of Kansas (Timeline 1867 (Kansas))

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Since the Free Republic of Kansas was founded in 1867, there have been

The President is elected for 5 year terms and may serve no more than three. He may choose and dismiss his Vice-President at any time, or choose not to have one. On the death of a president the VP, then the Secretary of State, then the other secretaries and ministers, shall succeed him.

1867-77 Samuel J. Crawford (KNP)

  • 1867-72 Robert Crozier
  • 1872-73 Nehemiah Green
  • 1873-77 no Vice-President
  • 1877 James M. Harvey

1877-82 James M. Harvey (KNP)

  • 1877-82 no Vice-President

1882-97 Al Pfeffer (KPP)

  • 1882-90 William Harris, jnr.
  • 1890-92 John Martin
  • 1892-97 no Vice-President

1897-1901 James Armstrong Troutman - assassinated in 1901 by Leon Czolgosz while visiting Buffalo Exposition. (KNP)

  • 1897-1901 Charles Curtis

1901-1917 Charles Curtis (KNP)

  • 1901-1912 no Vice-President
  • 1912-17 Sheffield J. Ingalls (UL) Coalition Government

1917-22 G. Hartshorn Hodges (KPP)

  • 1917-22 no Vice-President

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