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List of Presidents of Greece (Yellowstone: 1936)

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This Is a List of Presidents of Greece. The President of Greece is the leader of Greece. The President is the highest political official position in Greece by influence and recognition, he also has the most power out of everyone.The President is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Greece armed forces. The President is elected through popular vote to a four year term in office. Currently there is no accepted or constitutional limit on the number of terms a president can have, although precedent dictates two or three terms per president.

No. Photo President Took Office Left Office Party Vice President

Steven Katsaros

January 6, 1937 January 6, 1949 Democratic Hunter Vassallo
Zack Frangos January 6, 1949 January 6, 1953 Nationalist Frank Thanos
Red Skelton 1960
Peter Hero January 6, 1953 January 6, 1961 Communist Morgan Sagona
Dario leite 460 square
Brian Nicolo January 6, 1961 January 6, 1969 Communist Andrew Roda
People-portrait-photographer-gordon 017456v2
Andrew Roda January 6, 1969

May 15, 1975

(died in office)

None Kenyon Biros
Kenyon Biros May 15, 1975

December 7, 1980


Unionists None
Marcus Halkias December 9, 1980 January 6, 1992 Democratic Rex Primo
2010 Sundance Film Festival Enemies People 0Qmuo-p4AH5l
Vince Zika January 6, 1992 January 6, 1996 Democratic Ryan Castellanos
20121224 D3S 7944 fin
Mario Doukas January 6, 1996

January 20, 2000

(left office)

Democratic None
Nick Vitalis January 22, 2000 January 6, 2004 Progressive Allen Fotos
Person 2
Dan Resta January 6, 2004 January 6, 2012 Democratic Tommy Valahakis
Chucky Zurlo January 6, 2012 Incumbent Communist Mark Xenakis

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