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List of Presidents of Danubian Federation (A Federation of Equals)

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The following is the list of presidents the Danubian Federation has had over the years.

No. Picture Name Born-Died Took Office Left Office Party
1 Prince Metternich by Lawrence Klemens von Metternich (Acting President) 15 May 1773 – 1st December 1848 2nd November 1848 1st December 1848 Independent
Position Vacant 1st December 1848 5th December 1848
2 Ducic Vlado Nikolić 19th April 1809 - 30th May, 1880 5th December 1848 5th January 1852 Pan-Danubian Party
3 GeorgesdeBellio Ion Horsa Codrinaru 3rd June 1812 — 24th July 1854 5th January 1852 24th July 1854 Pan-Danubian Party
The National Emergency Committee 24th July 1854 5th January 1856 Independent/Military Junta
4 VictorKraus zps24d38cd3 Victor Kraus 1st February 1803 - 5th January 1860 (retired) 5th January 1856 5th January 1860 All-Danubian Conservative Party
5 Soukup-ValentaPicture zps36bac3f3 Gabriel Soukup-Valenta 4th March 1819 — Present 5th January 1860 5th January 1868 Radical Union of the Federation
6 François-Xavier Fabre - Portrait of a Man - WGA7716 Wolfram Liberalen 17th March 1820 — 3rd February 1872 5th January 1868 5th January 1872 Independent/Radical Union of the Federation
7 428px-William McKinley by Courtney Art Studio, 1896 Aetios Spiros 2nd October 1831 — Present 5th January 1872 5th January 1880 Radical Union of the Federation
8 Maurras-Lilic Jovan Lilic 21st August 1825 — 20th August 1885 5th January 1880 20th August 1885 Danubian Patriotic Union
9 Bonnat2 Francesco de Palma 29th May 1823 — 11th June 1886 20th August 1885 5th November 1885

Constitutional Union

10 Lukas Banik Pic

Lukáš Banik

12th March 1837 - Present 5th November 1885 Present Radical Union of the Federation

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