This is a list of the presidents of Colombia since 1900. The POD is in 1948 so up to 1950 presidents are thesame as OTL.

Period President party comments
1900–1904 José Manuel Marroquín Conservative
1904–1909 Rafael Reyes Conservative Dimited
1909–1909 Jorge Holguín Conservative
1909–1910 Ramón González Valencia Conservative
1910–1914 Carlos Eugenio Restrepo Republican
1914–1918 José Vicente Concha Republican
1918–1921 Marco Fidel Suárez Conservative
1921–1922 Jorge Holguín Conservative
1922–1926 Pedro Nel Ospina Conservative
1926–1930 Miguel Abadía Méndez Conservative
1930–1934 Enrique Olaya Herrera Liberal
1934–1938 Alfonso López Pumarejo Liberal
1938–1942 Eduardo Santos Liberal
1942–1945 Alfonso López Pumarejo Liberal Dimited
1945–1946 Alberto Lleras Camargo Liberal After dimision of President López
1946–1950 Mariano Ospina Pérez Conservative
1950–1954 Jorge Eliécer Gaitán Liberal
1954–1958 Darío Echandía Liberal
1958–1962 Laureano Gómez Conservative
1962–1966 Alberto Lleras Camargo Liberal
1966–1970 Alfonso López Michelsen Liberal
1970–1973 Misael Pastrana Borrero Conservative Deposed in a coup-d'etat
1973–1974 Hernando Currea Cubides Military Deposed in a coup-d'etat
1974–1974 Abraham Varón Valencia Military Deposed in a coup-d'etat
1974–1984 Carlos Arturo Lombana Military Forced to resign
1984–1986 Military Junta Transitional Transitional regime
1986–1990 Luis Carlos Galán Sarmiento Liberal
1990–1994 Jaime Bateman Cayón Social-Democrat
1994–1998 Gloria Gaitán Jaramillo Social-Democrat
1998–2002 Horacio Serpa Uribe Liberal
2002–2006 Francisco Santos Calderón Social-Democrat
2006–incumbent Enrique Peñalosa Liberal

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