Presidents of the Republic of Colombia

Order Period President Vice-President party comments
1st 1819–1823 Simón Bolívar No Party de facto
1st 1823–1829 Simón Bolívar Francisco de Paula Santander Republicano de jure
2nd 1829–1835 Francisco de Paula Santander Antonio José de Sucre Republicano
3rd 1835–1831 Antonio José de Sucre José María Obando Republicano
4th 1841–1847 Juan José Flórez Tomás Cipriano de Mosquera Republicano
5th 1847–1849 Vicente Rocafuerte José Hilario López Conservador president Rocafuentes dies in office. Vice president López becomes president and Monagas is chosen as vice president.
6th 1849–1853 José Hilario López José Tadeo Monagas Conservador
7th 1853–1853 José Tadeo Monagas Tomás Cipriano de Mosquera Liberal deposed in a coup d'état
8th 1853–1856 José María Melo Liberal Draconiano deposed in a coup d'état
7th 1856–1862 José Tadeo Monagas Tomás Cipriano de Mosquera Liberal resummed with a complete period.
9th 1862–1868 Tomás Cipriano de Mosquera Gabriel García Moreno Liberal
10th 1868–1874 Juan Crisóstomo Falcón Eustorgio Salgar Conservador
11th 1874–1880 Gabriel García Moreno Manuel Murillo Toro Liberal Vice-president Toro dies in office in 1879. Replaced by Rafael Núñez
1879–1880 Rafael Núñez Liberal
12th 1880–1886 Rafael Núñez Ramón Emeterio Betances Liberal
13th 1886–1892 Vicente Alfaro Antonio José Caro Conservador
14th 1892–1898 Antonio José Caro Miguel Uribe Uribe Conservador
15th 1898–1904 Miguel Uribe Uribe Julián Martí Conservador
16th 1904–1910
17th 1910–1916
18th 1916–1922
19th 1922–1928
20th 1928–1934
21st 1934–1940
22nd 1940–1944
23rd 1944–1946
24th 1946–1952
25th 1952–1958
26th 1958–1964
27th 1964–1970
28th 1970–1976
29th 1976–1982
30th 1982–1988
31st 1988–1994 Carlos Elías Pérez Leonidas Turbay Socialista
32nd 1994–2000 Gilberto De Roux Margarita Vargas Socialista
33rd 2000–2006 Alberto Chávez Santiago Uribe Conservador
34rd 2006–incumbent Santiago Uribe Libardo Correa Conservador

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