The following is a list of the Presidents of Chile since Doomsday.

Name Portrait Period Party
General Augusto Pinochet Ugarte A. Pinochet con Banda Presidencial September 11, 1973 - March 11, 1990 Military Government
Patricio Aylwin Azocar Patricio Aylwin March 11, 1990 – March 11, 1994 Christian Democrat Party of Chile
Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle Eduardo Frei 1998 March 11, 1994 – March 11, 2000 Christian Democrat Party of Chile
Andres Zaldivar Larraín Andres Zaldivar March 11, 2000 – March 11, 2006 Christian Democrat Party of Chile
Michelle Bachelet Jeria Michelle Bachelet March 11, 2006 - March 11, 2010 Socialist Party
Sebastian Piñera Echeñique Presidente Sebastian Piñera - Congreso March 11, 2010 - Present Independent (former National Renewal)

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