This page shows the presidents (Staatspräsident) of Berlin.

# Name Took Office Left Office Party Vice President(s)
1 Wilhelm Peck 1949 1960 SED Otto Grotewohl
2 Walter Ulbricht 1960 1973 SED Otto Grotewohl
Willi Steph
3 Willi Stoph 1973 1976 SED Horst Sindermann
4 Erich Honecker 1976 1989 SED Willi Stoph
5 Egon Krenz 1989 1989 SED Hans Modrow
6 Manfred Gerlach 1989 1990 Liberal Democratic Hans Modrow
7 Sabine Bergmann-Pohl 1990 2004 Christian Democratic Lothar de Maizière
8 Horst Köhler 2004 2009 Christian Democratic Sabine Bergmann-Pohl
9 Klaus Wowereit 2009 Incumbent Socialist Joachim Gauck

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