List of presidents for Aroostook:

  1. Gerald Conley. 1983-1990. Having been elected "president of the senate" by that body in January 1983, Conley became governor of the provisional government set up in Houlton.
  2. John Baldacci. 1991-1998.
  3. Rachelle Pingree. 1999-2006.
  4. Samantha Smith. 2007-present. Known around the world for her 1983 letter to president Andropov of the Soviet Union and subsequent visit there a few months later. Smith had learned the hard way that politics was a hard "game" to play. After her father and mother gained positions of power in Houlton, she grew up to graduate in political science and literature. She was appointed the first Ambassador of Aroostook to Canada by President Baldacci in 1998, then Senator and finally president of Aroostook by a surprising majority vote in a four-way race.

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