President Party Term Began Term End Vice President
Abraham Lincoln Republican 1861 1865 Hannibal Hamlin
George B. McClellan Democratic 1865 1865 George Hunt Pendleton
George Hunt Pendleton Democratic 1865 1873 none
Horatio Seymour
Henry Wilson Republican 1873 1874 James A. Garfield
James A. Garfield Republican 1874 1881

William Wheeler

James G. Blaine Republican 1881 1889 Chester A. Arthur
Chester A. Arthur Republican 1881 1885 none
Grover Cleveland Democrat 1885 1889 Thomas Hendricks
Benjamin Harrison Republican 1889 1893 Levi P. Morton
Grover Cleveland Democrat 1893 1897 Adlai Stevenson I
William McKinley Republican 1897 1901 Garret A. Holbart
William Jennings Bryan Republican 1901 1909 Adlai E. Stevenson
Theodore Roosevelt Republican 1905 1917 Charles W. Fairbanks

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