A list of Presidents from the fall of Germany until the present day:

33. Henry Wallace 1945-1949 (D)

34. Robert Taft 1949-1966 (U.C.F)

35. Alfred Gruenther 1966-1973 (U.C.F)

36. George Romney 1973-1981 (U.C.F)

38. James Dobson 1981-1985 (U.C.F)

39. William Webster 1985-1993 (U.C.F)

40. Penn Kemble 1993-2001 (D)

41. John McCain. 2001-2009 (U.C.F)

42. Liz Shuler 2009-2013 (D)


-After the inauguration of Robert Taft the United Citizens Front claimed to be an alliance of Democrats and Republicans vs Left Wing Extremism. Prominent Democrats who did not endorse Robert Taft were placed under the surveillance of the CIA. The Wallace Democrats as they were called continued to claim that they were the "True and Original Democratic Party" The Democratic Party was recognized as an independent entity and the largest opposition party by the UCF in 1972. After that time the UCF also called itself the Republican Party

-Robert Taft was assassinated in Chicago on July 4th by a college student.

-On February 3rd 1951 by order of the Congress and the President Henry Wallace was placed under house arrest. He would remain so until 1962.



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