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# Portrait Name Term Home State Party Vice Presidents
492px-President Woodrow Wilson portrait December 2 1912
Woodrow Wilson 1913-1921 New Jersey Democratic Thomas R Marshall
29 RobertM.LaFollette,Sr. Robert M LaFollette Sr. 1921-1925 Wisconsin Progressive Parley P. Christensen
30 AlSmithWaves Al Smith 1925-1933 New York Democratic Woodbridge Nathan Ferris
31 Fdr Franklin Delano Roosevelt 1933-1941 New York Progressive David I. Walsh(1932-1940)
32 Merlin hull Merlin Hull 1941-1945 Wisconsin Progressive Philp LaFollette
33 Robert a taft Robert A. Taft 1945-1953 Ohio Democratic Thomas Dewey
34 Dewey Thomas Dewey 1953-1957 New York Democratic Adlai Stevenson
35 Lyndon B. Johnson - portrait Lyndon B. Johnson 1957-1961 Texas Progressive Estes Kefauver
36 Barry Goldwater Portrait Barry Goldwater 1961-1969 Arizona Democratic Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr.
37 Rfk Robert F. Kennedy 1969-1977 New York Progressive Eugene McCarthy
38 Hmj1 Henry M. Jackson 1977-1981 Washington Democratic Terry Sanford
39 GWmiller46 G. William Miller 1981-1985 Oklahoma Progressive Stansfield Turner
40 Kemp126 Jack Kemp 1985-1993 Massachusetts Democratic Alexander Haig
41 Davis hires Arthur Davis 1993-2001 Connecticut Democratic William Perry
42 William Perry official DoD photo William Perry 2001-2005 New York Democratic William O. Douglas
43 Jon Stewart On Couch Jon Stuart 2005-inc New York Progressive Dennis Kucinich

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