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List of President-Generals of UPA (Washington Shot at Murdering Town!)

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The position of "President-General" was created in 1867 by the British Empire, with the first election being held in 1868 and the first office holder taking office in 1869. The President-General serves as the chief executive of the United Provinces of America, and is elected directly by the people of the UPA to a four year term. However, the President-General is still subordinate to the Governor-General of the UPA, as well as the government of the British Empire. 

1. Horatio Seymour (American Liberal Party), 1869-1881

2. James G. Blaine (Progressive Party), 1881-1889

3. Grover Cleveland (American Liberal Party), 1889-1893

4. William Jennings Bryan (American Labor Party), 1893-1909

5. Theodore Roosevelt (American Liberal Party), 1909-1919 - Died in office

6. Robert Borden (American Liberal Party), 1919-1921

7. James Cox (United Rationalist Party), 1921-1933

8. Franklin Roosevelt (American Labor Party), 1933-1945 - Resigned

9. William McKenzie King (American Labor Party), 1945-1949

10. Thomas Dewey (Progressive Party), 1949-1961

11. John Diefenbaker (Progressive Party), 1961-1969

12. Martin Luther King (American Liberal Party), 1969-1977

13. Ronald Reagan (Progressive Party), 1977-1989

14. George H.W. Bush (Progressive Party), 1989-1993

15. Jean Cheretien (American Labor Party), 1993-2001

16. John S. McCain (American Liberal Party), 2001-2009

17. Mitt Romney (Progressive Party), 2009-present

  • = Died in office
    • = Resigned

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