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List of Popes of the Roman Catholic Church (Principia Moderni IV Map Game)

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This is a list of the Popes of the Roman Catholic Church. The list is from 1400 to the present. The Pope, as head of the Roman Catholic Church, is considered to be the legitimate representative of God's will on Earth and the earthly center of the Christian faith. While this is not recognized everywhere, it does hold sway for most of Western Europe and some isolated areas in the Middle East. 

15th century

Numerical order Pontificate Portrait Name
English · Regnal
Personal name Place of birth Notes
203 2 November 1389 - 1 October 1404 203-Boniface IX Boniface IX
Pietro Tomacelli Naples, Kingdom of Naples Western Schism
204 4 January 1405 - 16 October 1415 204-Innocent VII Innocent VII
Landolfo Maramaldo Naples, Kingdom of Naples
  • Ended the Western Schism
205 1417-1445 John XXIII
Papa IOANNES Vicesimo Tertio
Angelo d'Accostella Rhodes, Hospitaller Rhodes
  • First Hospitaller Pope
  • Hussite Heresy and Concord of Luxembourg
  • Greek Crusade and Liberation of Constantinople
  • Partial resolution of East-West Schism
206 1445-1449 Callixtus III
Papa CALLIXTUS Tertius
Jacobus Palladinus de Teramo Naples, Kingdom of Naples
  • Re-issuing of Sicut Judaeis (1447) and Etsi Judaeorum (1448) in opposition to mass anti-Semetic pograms throughout Europe
  • Invention of printing press in Cologne and subsequent Bull Ex Machina (1448)
207 1451-1477 Callixtus IV
Papa CALLIXTUS Quattrus
Juan Carlos Cortez Burgos, Kingdom of Castile
  • First Spanish Pope
  • 1454 establishment of the Castilian Guard from troops gifted from Spain
  • Discipulina Antiqua (1455) empowers the Inquisition to crack down on laxity in clerical discipline
  • Bull Unus Panis, Unum Corpus (1468) establishes the sui iuris 'Reformed Northern Catholic Church of the Hussite Rite'
  • Norway ordered to re-settle Greenland (1468)
  • Issues Bull Indulgentarium Doctrina (1471) banning indulgences which involve transfers of money
208 1478- Leo X
Papa Leone Decimus
Fernando Perez Toledo, Kingdom of Castile

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