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This is a list of the Popes who reigned over the Papal States since the foundation of the Holy Roman Republic in 1640. Prior to that date, all Popes were the same as in OTL

Number Papal Name Reigned Lived
236 Altair I 1640-1649 1585-1649
237 Altair II 1649-1670 1605-1670
238 Urban IX 1670-1695 1630-1695
239 Innocent X 1695-1699 1633-1699
240 Benedict XII 1699-1701 1639-1701
241 Pius VII 1701-1715 1649-1715
242 Leo XII 1715-1725 1670-1625
243 Paul VI 1725-1738 1679-1738
244 Leo XIII 1738-1748 1685-1748
245 Urban X 1751- 1690-

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