This Page lists all the political Parties in the Grand Union, their years of formation, and registration with the Central Party Registry of the Grand Union, headquarterd in Pskov and with offices in each major city and capital. Political Parties have certain privilleges over regular political factions, such as being allowed an officialy appointed party whip, and presidence in speaking order, regardless if the faction is larger in number. Faction members, unlike Party members, are also treated as Independant members during roll call, and are not guaranteed "bloc" seating (i.e. if a member crosses the floor over to another faction, he is not guaranteed the right to change his seat, however party members are guaranteed the right to sit with their caucus(or close to it if the number of members necessitates crossing into the "island"), and therefore if a member crosses the floor to anothe party, they have the right to sit with their new caucus members, and the seating arrangements will be ajusted accordingly.

List of Parties

Party Logo Party Name Abbreviation Date of Formation Date of Registration
National Conservative Party NCP 1849 1850 (with registry creation)
United Liberal Party ULP 1850 1850 (with registry creation)
New Democratic Party
Workers' and Farmers' New Socialist Party (1858-1887)
NSP (1858-1887)
August 1858 9 September 1858
Lithuanian Nationalist Union
(Lietuvos Naitonalist Sąjunga)
LNS September 1862 6 November 1863
Latvian National Democratic Coalition
(Latvijas Nacionālā Demokrātiskā Koalīcija)
LNDK April1863 7 March 1864
Grand Union Agrarian Party GUAP January 1868 17 April 1868
Hammer and sickle Communist Party of the Grand Union CPGU August 1861 14 February 1873
Christian Social Union CSU December 1877 4 May 1878

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