The names of figures invented specifically for World of Lesnaya are highlighted in boldface.

Monarchs of Sweden

  • Karl XII (Charles XII). (b. 1682 - d. 1722). Reign: 1697-1722. House of Palatinate-Zweibrücken.
  • Ulrika Eleonora. (b. 1688 - d. 1741). Reign: 1722-1723. House of Palatinate-Zweibrücken.
  • Fredrik I (Frederick of Hesse-Kassel). (b. 1676 - d. 1735). Reign: 1723-1724. House of Hesse.
  • Ludvig I.
  • Sven II (Sven Ludvigsson).
  • Sven III (Sven Frederick).
  • Leo I.

Other Political Figures

  • Sven Forsberg.
  • Bror Gren.
  • Edgars Ulmanis.

Scientists, Inventors, Explorers, etc.

  • Szymon Pawełek. A Polish scientist who was a critic of Sundbergian Inheritance. Starting with an 1847 paper and continuing throughout his career, he proposed mutation as an explanation for at least some biological traits.
  • Adam Radwanski and Andrzej Kowalczyk. (~1870's - 1930's/1940's). Polish inventors who invented the first powered aircraft ca. 1905.
  • Ludvig Sundberg. Swedish scientist who refined the Sundbergian Theory of Discrete Inheritance; namesake of Ludvig Rikardsson. Son of Magnus Sundberg.
  • Magnus Sundberg. Swedish scientist who formulated the Sundbergian Theory of Discrete Inheritance. Founder of the so-called "Sundberg Dynasty" in the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.
  • Hektor Sundberg. A Swedish scientist who led the international group of naturalists that developed the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection at the First International Conference of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.
  • Thorwald Svanholm. (b. 1754 - d. 1821). Swedish sailor and explorer who charted much of the Pacific Ocean and was the captain of the first voyage to sight Antarctica. Founded Valfångstpunkt (modern Blåwal) in the Galápagos and visited Hawai'i and Easter Island.

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