List of Organizations and Alliance Systems

A document listing all the important organization, treaty agreements, and Alliance Charters in the Long Life of Lenin (LLL) Timeline. For the large organizations, dedicated articles will be added at a later date.


The United Nations (UN)

General Assembly:

The main organ of the UN, one of two groups to have full representation. Deals with general debate, international policies, and admission of new members among other things.

Security Council

The segment of the U.N. Dedicated to the resolving of international conflicts and deploying United Nations Troops. Contains 6 Permanent and 14 elected members.

International Court of Justice

Primary Judicial Organ of the U.N. Resolves international crimes, incidents, and other breaches or issues with International law.

United Nations Parliamentary Assembly:

The newest branch of the U.N. The UNPA is a semi experimental segment of the U.N. constructed for the purpose of studying and eventually implementing the large scale unification of Earth Governments. While a seemingly long term and far fetched goal, the UNPA hopes to achieve full planet wide integration by the year 2100.


The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

An alliance formed following the Pax Europa. NATO was set up as a union of capitalist nations and others for the purpose of preventing the spread of Communism. However in recent years it has been focused on the support of smaller nations around the world. Working in conjunction with the U.N. mostly on the usurping of dictatorships.

The Eastern Bloc

An alliance formed by the Warsaw pact. The Eastern Bloc was a mutual defense alliance of Communist Nations and Soviet Satellites. It was the principle adversary against NATO and other Capitalist nations. The Bloc was broken up after its loss of The Continental War.

The Red Union

The Red Union is a small coalition of Communist Remainder States formed in the last twenty years. While none of the countries in the Union are especially large or dangerous, together they form a potential world spanning threat.

The Commonwealth

The Commonwealth is an international organization of 53 members, all former Dominions, Colonies, or Protectorates of the British Empire. Together the Commonwealth wields nearly one fifth of the world's GDP, and is a not a force to be taken lightly.


Fourth Geneva Conventions (Anti-Nuke Treaty)

A series of conventions banning the use of Nuclear devices in conflict.

Outer Space Treaty

A document dictating the neutrality of space and the use of weapons within it.

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