Listed here are several notable people in our universe and timeline that are very well known amongst the world. Since the Point of Divergence is October 30, 1995; the only changes to any persons history has to be after that date.

Name Born (OTL) Died (OTL) Born (ATL)* Died (ATL) Notable Timeline Differances
George Harrison 25 February 1943 29 November 2001 - 30 December 1999 On the 30th of December 1999, Michael Abram killed George Harrison when Abram's knife severed Harrison's aorta. Medics got 20 minutes later and he was pronunced dead at Townlands Hospital. In the OTL, Harrison survived the attack.
Heath Ledger 4 April 1979 22 January 2008 - Still Living The film The Dark Knight never got greenlighted, so Ledger did not get the part of the Joker, which saved him from having to overdose on prescription medacation. In ATL, he is still alive, but in a weakened state.
Diana, Princess of Wales 1 July 1961 31 August 1997 - Still Living She lived though that night when her driver, Henri Paul, decided he was not fit to drive and was replaced. The car had a close brush with another white van, but no one died.
Frank Sinatra 12 December 1915 14 May 1998 - 14 January 2000 In our OTL, Sinatra suffered a heart attack and died at 10:50 pm on May 14, 1998 at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. In this ATL, however, he does not have that heart attack and lives for another 21 months before having a heart attack on January 12, and dying two days later.
John F. Kennedy, Jr. 25 November 1960 16 July 1999 - 20 July 2003 Kennedy, Jr. did not fly along with his wife and sister-in-law on July 16, 1999. However, he did die in a car crash on Highway 195 next to North Westport, Massachuset, after returning from a two week stay at Martha's Vineyeard and been slightly intoxicated. He was the only person in his car, and he collided with another car.
  • *If born after point of divergence.

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