A list of all the nations in the Asian continent in the Russian America Expansion timeline.

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Soviet Union Flag of the Soviet Union

Mongolia (Outer Mongolia) Flag of the People's Republic of Mongolia (1940-1992)

Xinjiang (West China) Flag of the Chinese Soviet Republic

Bharat (West India) 1921 India flag

Pakistan Flag of Pakistania Russian America Expansion

Afghanistan Flag of Afghanistan (1978-1980)

Iran Flag of Iran Russian America Expansion

Yemen Flag of South Yemen

Anadolu Flag of Anadolu Russian America Expansion

Kurdia PKK

Zazakia Flag of Zazakia Russian America Expansion

Jordan Flag of Jordan Russian America Expansion

United Arab Republics Flag of the United Arab Republics Russian America Expansion

Syria Flag of Syria Russian America Expansion

Oman Flag of Oman Russian America Expansion

Vietminh Flag of Vietnam

Pathet Lao Flag of Laos

Kampuchea PROKFlag1979-1989

Myanmar Flag of Myanmar (1974-2010)

Tonda Flag of Tonda Russian America Expansion

Malaysian Union Flag of the Malaysian Union Russian America Expansion

Indonesia Flag of Indonesia


New Caledonia Flag of New Caledonia Russian America Expansion CoMEcon

Qatar Flag of Qatar (1916-1936)

Iraq Flag of Iraq Russian America Expansion CoMEcon

Saudi Arabia Flag of Saudi Arabia Russian America Expansion CoMEcon

Kuwait Flag of Kuwait Russian America Expansin CoMEcon


Japan Flag of Japan

Nanjing (East China) Flag of the Republic of China (1912-1928)

Manchukuo Flag of Manchukuo

Mengjiang (Inner Mongolia) Flag of the Mengjiang

Thailand Flag of Thailand

Tibet Flag of Tibet

Azad Hind (East India) 1931 Flag of India


East Turkestan Kokbayraq flag

North Burma Flag of the State of Burma (1943-1945)

North Tonda Philippines Flag Original

League of Nations

Australia Flag of Australia

New Zealand Flag of New Zealand

Israel Flag of Israel

Lebanon Flag of Lebanon


Qatar Flag of Qatar

Iraq Flag of Iraq

Saudi Arabia Flag of Saudi Arabia

Kuwait Flag of Kuwait


Bhutan Flag of Bhutan

Nepal Flag of Nepal


Palestine Flag of Palestine

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