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This page contains a list of nations in Wasteland timeline. It is sorted in order of importance to the timeline.

  • Ukraine - Explosion epicenter was in Ukraine SSR, and after a few days it received independence.
  • Belarus - Known as "secondary epicenter".
  • Soviet Union - The Union shatters due to the emigration.
  • United States of America - USA becomes friendly to immigrants, after the explosion. In a result, it suffers from multi-cultural wars and rebellions.
  • France - Most-friendly nation to imigrants, at the first days of explosion, but after 30 days, it shatters.
  • Afghanistan - The biggest warfare zone in Asia from 1989 until 2010.
  • Republic of Wilna - This nation was created inside of Lithuanian SSR, in an attempt to declare Lithuania independent, but it also shattered as a result.
  • Bunkeristan - A micro-nation, founded in a world's biggest nuclear bunker "Jam-It 3".

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