The following is a list of nations that currently have pages within the timeline of The Sky Filled With Stars alternate history.

North America/Caribbean

  • TSFWS Weland Weland — The Republic of Weland.
  • Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 1.18.11 AM Ríonegro — The ridiculously (and that's an objective assessment) unstable Republic of Ríonegro.
  • TSFWS New Kent Flag New Kent — A parliamentary monarchy in North America.
  • Timucua Flag TSFWS Timucua — A politically confusing native kingdom in the Florida peninsula.


  • TSFWS Paris Flag Commune of Paris — The Commune of Paris, a city-state.
  • TSFWS Portugal Flag Portugal — The kingdom of Portugal and its colonies.
  • Alfoquiaflagrevised zps9c4ab9ws Alfoquia — The revolutionary Republic of Alfoquia.

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