Few governments were able to survive the 1991 catastrophe, the worldwide SHV outbreak. Those which did, did so in places where natural elements acted as barriers against the advance of the Undead, such as islands or high mountains.


South Africa

The South African government relocates to the Drakensberg Mountains.



While most populated areas of the country such as Córdoba, Rosario, and the capital Buenos Aires were quickly overrun, the Patagonia region remained safe and Tierra del Fuego became the focus point for the government of the Argentinian Republic and its military forces.

Waves of refugees fled to the nearby Falkland Islands seeking a safe place away from mainland. At some point, the number of refugees highly surpassed the local British population and a riot took place which concluded with the creation of a Falkland government under the authority of the Tierra del Fuego Argentine government.


Remaining forces and population in the Canadian west coast retreated to Vancouver Island. To halt the advance of the Zombie infection in Eastern and Central Canada, the government used the Great Lakes and St Lawrence River as natural defense lines blowing up bridges or building huge roadblocks. Most of Canada remained Undead-free except for the southern areas of Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.


The Chilean government and armed forces retreated to Chiloé Island after the fall of Santiago. The Patagonia remained free of Undead masses and Chilean population from the north relocated there.


Because of the Cuban Embargo and the rapid adoption of quarantine measures, Cuba stood infection-free.


Jamaica was slightly affected by the SHV outbreak.

United States of America

The federal government relocated to Puerto Rico. Soon, surviving US military and civilian reached the island looking for safety. Alaska remained completely dead-free due to its cold weather and remote location and a sovereign administration emerged from the state government.

Meanwhile, Hawai'i Island nearly fell to the Zombie hordes until military re-inforcements arrived from Oahu Island and helped contain the outbreak. Hawaii took a similar path to Alaska's and established a sovereign government under the former state government.



Its high population caused the quick fall of China. However, the government, PLA, and a great number of people relocated to the Tibetan Plateau where a defensive perimeter was set up.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong fell easily to the Undead, coming from China. Interestingly, Kowloon Walled City residents who hadn't yet been evicted from their homes were able to block entrances to the area and resisted for a few years going outside to the Undead-taken Hong Kong to retrieve supplies until the Dead finally broke in.


The massive population numbers in the country allowed for a rapid expansion of the SHV infection among its inhabitants. The government and a military detachment was able to retrieve to Vasco Da Gama, Goa, where a 4 km-long canal was dug for its use as a defensive line to keep it safe from the mainland. Human communities also survive along the Himalayas and Kashmir region.


North Korea*

Due to its well protected borders with China, South Korea and the USSR, and tight measures North Korea remained the only continental country in the world to survive the Undead hordes completely unharmed. However, with the disappearance of both Soviet and Chinese economic support and heavy floods in 1995, North Korean people suffered severe problems and important famines ravaged the country killing more than a third of the population within five years.


Republic of China*

Taiwan remained completely free of any Undead presence.


Its location deep in the Pyrenees, protected by high mountains and being connected to Spain and France by just two narrow mountain roads, allowed for its government to fortify the few vulnerable points of its international borders. Andorra is protected by a French army division that managed to reach the country.

Shortly before the fall of mainland Spain, the Spanish military and government retreated to the Canary Islands.

After being abandoned by the Spanish military and government due to a series of minor outbreaks in a few tourist areas, the Balearic Islands became de facto independent after controlling those outbreaks with swift police action, establishing its own government and armed services. The Balearic Islands remain, as of now, completely free of Undead presence.


Much of Denmark remained free of Undead presence as only a minor outbreak took place at Copenhagen Airport which was rapidly controlled.


The French government was relocated to Corsica, which remained untouched by the infection because of its low population and weak transportation connections with the continent.


The German government evacuated to Hamburg and the territories lying north of the Elbe river and the Elbe-Lübeck Canal. All bridges were blown up to avoid the Undead from crossing to the northern side.


The Corinth Canal was used as a barrier to halt the Undead advance on Greece and the authorities relocated to the Peloponnese. Crete and the Aegean Seas islands remained safe from the outbreak.


Sardinia and Sicily remained Infection-free and the Italian government moved to Sicily, establishing itself at the city of Palermo.


The Soviet government retreated to the Crimean peninsula in late 1991 and fortified its land border with the continent. It is protected by more than 150,000 soldiers of the Red Army and by the Black Sea navy.

United Kingdom

Shortly before the fall of London, the UK government barely escaped the city and relocated to the Isle of Man. In Scotland, River Ness and the Caledonian Canal were used as barriers to defend the northern Scottish Highlands from the Undead.



After the March 21st, 1991 emergency special session of the United Nations General Assembly, the Australian government decided to enforce a quarantine on all foreign air travel and ships on March 23rd.

New Zealand*

New Zealand took similar actions to Australia and declared the country closed to all foreign travel on March 25th.

(*)Denotes countries which were able to maintain most or all of their territory free of the infection.

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