• Flag of Akkad Akkad - Federal Kingdom of Akkad
  • Flag of Liberia Americae - United Confederation of Americae
  • Australian Aboriginal Flag Australi - Republic of Australi
  • 800px-Flag of Aztlan.svg Aztlan - Democratic Republic of Aztlan
  • Flag of the Peru-Bolivian Confederation Inca - United Republic of Inca
  • Merchant flag of Japan (1870) Japan - Empire of Japan
  • Indian wheel flag. 2 Maratha - Maratha Confederacy
  • Naval Jack of the Republic of China Ming - Empire of the Great Ming
  • Flag of Veliky Novgorod Novgorod - Novgorod Republic
  • Kingdom of Rome Rome - Second Roman Republic
  • Siberian flag Siberia - State of Siberia
  • Flag of Tibet Different Border Tibet - Kingdom of Tibet
  • SouthZimbabweFlag Zimbabwe - Kingdom of Great Zimbabwe

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