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North America

Republic of New England

United States of America

Confederate States of America

Republica de Florida

République de Louisiane

Republic of Texas, Republica de Tejas

Republica del Rio Grande

Republic of Sonora

Republic of Deseret

Republic of California

Republic of Cascadia

Russian Commonwealth of Alyeska

British Commonwealth of Canada

République du Québec

Commonwealth of Newfoundland and Labrador

South America

Estados Unidos Mexicanos

Républica de Yucatán

Provincias Unidas del Centro de America


República do Maranhão

Federação de Pernambuco

República de Bahia

República de Minas Gerais

República do Rio de Janeiro

República de São Paulo

República de Paraná

República de Santa Catarina

República do Rio Grande de Sul

Républica de Uruguay

Républica de Paraguay (Tetã Paraguái)

Républica Argentina

Républica de Chile

Commonwealth of Patagonia and the Falklands



Maghreb & Middle-East

Kingdom of Morocco

People's Democratic Republic of Algeria

Tunisian Republic

State of Libya

Kingdom of Egypt

Islamic Republic of Mauritania

Islamic Republic of Azawad

Sultanate of Kanem (Partially)

Sultanate of Wadai (Partially)

Sultanate of Dar Fur (Partially)

Kingdom of Nubia

Kingdom of Hatti

Kingdom of Kurdistan

Kingdom of Assyria

Republic of Azerbaijan

Republic of Gilakistan

Republic of Mazandaranistan

Sublime State of Persia

Islamic Republic of Pashtostan

Republic of Balochistan

United Arab Emirates

Sultanate of Oman

Sultanate of Nejd

Kingdom of Hejaz

Republic of Israel

Republic of Yemen

Sub-Saharan Africa


South Asia


Central and Northern Asia

Russian Commonwealth of the Green Ukraine

East and South-East Asia




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