The list of nations in the world of Reverse a Dragon, and a Titan.


Flag Nation Capital Government OTL equivalent
Flag of Fascist England Britannian Federation London Federal Semi-Presidential Constitutional Republic England, Scotland, Wales, Iceland, Greenland, Northern Canada, Alaska
Flag of Ireland Republic of Ireland Belfast Unitary Semi-Presidential Constitutional Republic Ireland
Flag of France French Republic Paris Parliamentary Republic France
Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Republic Amsterdam Parliamentary Republic Netherlands
Flag of Belgium (civil) Republic of Belgium Brussels Parliamentary Republic Belgium
Flag of Luxembourg Republic of Luxembourg Luxembourg Unitary Parliamentary Republic Luxembourg
Flag of Spain (Civil) Republic of Spain Madrid Unitary Constitutional Parliamentary Republic Spain
Flag of the President of Portugal Republic of Portugal Lisbon Unitary Semi-Presidential Constitutional Republic Portugal
Flag of Italy Republic of Italy Rome Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Republic Italy
Civil Ensign of Switzerland Swiss Confederation Bern Federal Multi-Party Directorial Republic Switzerland
Flag of Germany (3-2 aspect ratio) Federal Republic of Germany Berlin Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Republic German Empire
Flag of Denmark Republic of Denmark Copenhagen Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Republic Denmark
Flag of Norway Republic of Norway Oslo Parliamentary Republic Norway
Flag of Sweden Kingdom of Sweden Stockholm Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy Sweden
Flag of Finland Kingdom of Finland Helsinki Parliamentary Republic Helsinki
Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic Prague Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Republic Czech Republic
CV Flag of Austria 1920-1941 Republic of Austria Vienna Federal Parliamentary Republic Austria, Slovenia
Flag of Hungary Republic of Hungary Budapest Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Republic Hungary, Slovakia
Flag of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia Kingdom of Yugoslavia Belgrade Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy Yugoslavia
Flag of Albania Republic of Albania Tirana Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Republic Albania
Flag of Greece Hellenic Republic Athens Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Republic Greece
Bulgarian Flag (WHF) Republic of Bulgaria Sofia Unitary Parliamentary Republic Bulgaria
Flag of Romania Republic of Romania Bucharest Unitary Semi-Presidential Republic Romania
Flag of Ukraine Republic of the Ukraine Kiev Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Republic Ukraine, Moldavia, minus Crimea
Flag of Poland Republic of Poland Warsaw Parliamentary Republic Poland, Lithuania
Flag of Belarus Republic of Belarus Minsk Presidential Republic Belarus
Flag of Latvia Republic of Latvia Riga Parliamentary Republic Latvia
Flag of Estonia Republic of Estonia Tallinn Parliamentary Republic Estonia
Flag of Russia Russian Republic Moscow Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy Russia


Flag Nation Capital Government OTL equivalent
Flag of the Republic of China (1912-1928) Republic of China Beijing Multi Party Republic China, Mongolia, Hawaii
Flag of the People's Republic of China People's Republic of Taiwan Taipei Single-Party Socialist State Taiwan
500px-Flag of Korea Republic of Korea Seoul Unitary presidential Constitutional Republic Korean Peninsula
Flag of Japan Japan Tokyo Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy Japan
Flag of the Philippines Republic of the Philippines Manila Unitary Presidential Constitutional Republic Philippines
Flag of India Indian Federation New Delhi Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar
Flag of Turkey Republic of Turkey Ankara Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Republic Turkey
Flag of Israel Free State of Israel Jerusalem Unitary Parliamentary Republic Israel
Persian Flag Republic of Persia Tehran Unitary Presidential Republic Iran
Flag of Oceania (Proposal) Commonwealth of Oceania Sydney Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea


Flag Nation Capital Government OTL equivalent
Flag of Free France 1940-1944 North African Free Republic Algiers Unitary Semi-Presidential Republic French North Africa

North America

Flag Nation Capital Government OTL equivalent
Flag of the Peoples Republic of America People's Republic of America Washington DC Single-Party Socialist State United States Mid-Atlantic, Tri-States, and Midwest
Flag of New England 1988 South New England Boston Unitary Presidential Constitutional Republic Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont
Democratic People's Republic of New England Democratic People's Republic of New England Manchester Single Party State New Hampshire, Maine
CanadaFlag1 Canada Toronto Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Republic Ontario, Lower Manitoba
Flag of Cascadia Free State Republic of Cascadia Vancouver Dominant Party Presidential Republic Washington, Upper Idaho, Lower British Columbia, Lower Alberta, Lower Saskatchewan
Proposed Flag of Billings, Montana Republic of Absaroka Helena Presidential Republic Montana
Flag of Portland, Oregon Republic of Siskiyou Salem Unitary Presidential Republic Oregon, Southern Idaho
Flag of Wyoming (No Napoleon) Republic of Teton Cheyenne Dominant Party Semi Presidential Republic Wyoming
Alternate Dakota Flag Republic of Dakota Sioux Falls Unitary Parliamentary Republic North and South Dakota
Flag of Deseret Mormon Republic of Deseret Salt Lake City Presidential Republic Utah
Flag of Aztlan Christian Republic of Aztlan Phoenix Federal Parliamentary Republic Arizona, New Mexico
Flag of California Christian Republic of California Los Angeles Unitary Presidential Theocratic Republic California, Nevada
Texas Flag 2 by whanzel Republic of Texas Houston Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Republic Texas
CherokeePeaceFlag Federal Democratic Republic of Ozark Oklahoma City Federal Parliamentary Republic Oklahoma
States of America Arkansas Flag Republic of Arkansas Little Rock Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Republic Arkansas
LouisianaFlag People's Republic of Louisiana New Orleans Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Republic Louisiana
Mississippi 2001 flag proposal Republic of Mississippi Jackson Military Junta Mississippi
Flag of the State of Georgia (1920-1956) Georgia Atlanta Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Republic Georgia
Socialist Republic of Carolina Socialist Republic of Carolina Charlotte Marxist-Leninist Single Party State The Carolinas
FloridaFlag3-OurAmerica Gulf Republic Miami Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Republic Southern Florida, Puerto Rico
Republic of the Caribbean Republic of the Caribbean Havana Unitary Presidential Constitutional Republic The Caribbean
Florida Flag Proposal Lord Grattan Floridian People's Democratic Republic Jacksonville Single Party Socialist State Florida

South America