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List of Nations (Reign of Roosevelt)

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This is a list of nations in Reign of Roosevelt as of the end of 1941. All lists are up to date for the current point in the timeline. (December 1941)


  • Flag of the United Kingdom The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
  • Flag of German Reich (1935–1945) The Greater German Reich of the Nazi Party
  • Flag of France The Third Republic of France (occupied)
  • Flag of Italy (1861-1946) New Holy Roman Italian Empire
  • Flag of Finland Finland
  • Flag of Spain Republic of Spain (occupied)
  • New Flag of Russia Kingdom of Russia

East Asia

The Middle East

  • Flag of Otto-Arabia The Islamic Empire
  • Flag of Afghanistan Afghanistan
  • Flag of Iran Iran
  • Flag of Iraq Iraq

North America

South America

  • Flag of Argentina Argentina
  • Flag of Peru Peru
  • Flag of Chile Chile
  • Flag of Guyana The Guianas


  • US flag with 57 stars by HellerickFlag of the Philippines The Philippines (to US)
  • Flag of Australia Australia
  • All other nations are occupied


  • Flag of Nazi Africa Nazi West Africa
  • Flag of Italy (1861-1946) Italian East Africa

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