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List of Nations of the Regnum Bueno timeline.


South America

North America

  • US flag with 50 stars by Hellerick United States (United States of Columbia)
  • Kingdomofmexico-regnumbueno Mexico (Segundo Reino de Mexico)
  • Flag of the Federal Republic of Central America Federal States of Central America (Estados Federales de America Central)
  • ESAC Socialist States of Central America (Estados Socialistas de America Central)
  • Flagofcanada-regnumbueno Canada (República Federativa do Canadá)
  • Flag of Nova Scotia Nova Scotia (Alba Nuadh Poblachd)
  • Flag of Alaska Democratic Republic of Alaska (Аляски Демократическая Республика)
  • Flag of Cuba Cuba (República de Cuba)
  • Flagwestindies Republic of Caribe (República do Caribe)
  • Flag of the German East Africa Company Nunavut (Bundesrepublik Nunavut)
  • Louisiana Flag Louisiana (République-Unie de la Louisiane)
  • NotLAH Californian Flag Proposal 1 Republic of California (República de California)
  • Inuit Flag Inuit Confederacy


  • Marinha de Portugal (1911-1974, Ministro) Republic of Portugal (República de Portugal)
  • BritaniaEscudo United Kingdom (United Kingdom of England, Wales and Ireland)
  • Flagofscotlandiceland-regnumbueno Scotland (United Kingdom of Scotland and Iceland)
  • Flag of the Spanish Democratic Republic Spanish People's Republic (República Popular Española)
  • Flag of Germany (unoff) Federal Republic of Germany (Bundesrepublik Deutschland)
  • Flag of Bavaria (lozengy) Federal Republic of Bavaria (Bundesrepublik Bayern)
  • Flag of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Савезна Република Југославија)
  • Alternatepolandflag Kingdom of Poland (Królestwo Polskie)
  • Flag of Flanders Flanders Republic (Vlaanderen Republiek)
  • Flag of Wallonia Kingdom of Wallonia (Koninkrijk van Wallonië)
  • Utrecht (province)-Flag Republic of Utrecht (Republiek van Utrecht)
  • Flag of the Netherlands Kingdom of Netherlands (Koninkrijk der Nederland)
  • Flag of the Russian Federation (1997 proporsal, alternate) Russian Socialist Federation (Социалистическая Федерацией России)


  • African National Congress Flag Republic of Tabareland (República de Tavarelândia)
  • Sahara flag Sahara Republic (República do Saara)
  • Communist Libya Flag Libyan Republic (Republika Libia)
  • Flag of Ghana Republic of the Golden Coast (Republika Złote Wybrzeże)
  • Flag of Eritrea (1993-1995) Republic of Eritrea (Republika Eritrea)
  • Flagofegypt-regnumbueno Egyptian State
  • Nubia-0 Republic of Nubia
  • Flag of Guinea (Regnum Bueno) Federal Republic of Guinea (República Federativa da Guiné)
  • Apartheid in south africa natalia Republic of South Africa
  • Flag of Mozangascar (Regnum Bueno) People's Republic of Mozangascar (República Popular de Mossangascar)
  • Flag Mali Empire (Fictional) African State of Mali (Etat Africain du Mali)
  • Flag of Zaire Democratic Republic of Zaire-Congo (République Démocratique du Congo)
  • Flag of Burkina Faso Republic of Burkina Faso



  • Portugueseindia-regnumbueno Republic of Western India (República da Índia Ocidental)
  • Flag of India India (Republic of Eastern India)
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China People's Republic of China (中华人民共和国中国)
  • Flag of the Japanese Resident General of Korea (1905) Republic of Japan (日本の共和国)
  • FlagofkoreaWSMT Republic of North Korea (북쪽대한민국)
  • Flag of South Korea Republic of Korea (대한민국)

Defunct nations

South America

North America

  • 800px-Flag of Alaska ssvg Alaska Soviet Socialist Republic (Аляски Советская Социалистическая Республика)
  • CSA FLAG 4.3.1861-21.5.1861 Confederate States of Florida


  • Flag of the Soviet Union (1923-1955) Soviet Union (Советский Союз)
  • Flag of East Germany German Democratic Republic (Deutsche Demokratische Republik)
  • Flag of the Communist Scotland Socialist Scotland (Socialist Republic of Scotland)
  • Flag of Scotland (traditional) Scotland (Scottish Free State)
  • Fascistgermany-regnumbueno Nationalist Republic of Germany (Deutsch Nationalistische Republik)
  • Flag of the National Socialist Movement in the Netherlands Fascist Netherlands/Dutch State (Nederlandse Staat)


  • Postcard japan 0621 Socialist Republic of North Japan (北日本社会主義国家)
  • Flag of the Japanese Resident General of Korea (1905) Republic of South Japan (南日本共和国)

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