South America

Nation Government Head of State Head of Government Lenguage(s)
Bandera RRP United Kingdom of the Rio de la Plata and Peru Constitutional monarchy Charles Xavier I Sebastián Piñera Spanish
Flag of the Second Empire of Brazil Empire of Brazil Constitutional monarchy Henry I Dilma Rousseff Portuguese
Flag of New Granada Republic of New Granada Parliamentary republic Rafael Correa Juan Manuel Santos Spanish
Flag of Venezuela Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Federal presidential republic (People's republic) Hugo Chávez Spanish
No flag Patagonian Republic Federal presidential republic ??? ??? Spanish and english


Nation Government Head of State Head of Government Lenguage(s)
Flag of France French Revolutionary Napoleonic Empire Constitutional monarchy Napoléon VIII Jean-Christophe Pedro Passos Coelho French, spanish, portuguese, arabic and romansh
German Empire Flag (Nat. 1848) German Empire Constitutional elective federal monarchy Charles I Angela Merkel German, polish, danish, english and dutch
Flag of the Netherlands Kingdom of Holland Constitutional monarchy Alexander I Mark Rutte Dutch
Union flag 1606 (Kings Colors) Kingdom of Great Britain Constitutional monarchy Elizabeth II David Cameron English, scottish and welsh
Flag of Denmark Kingdom of Denmark Constitutional federal monarchy Margrethe II Lars Lokke Danish, swedish, norwegian, icelandic, greenlandic and finnish

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