North America

Flag Nation Capital Status Date Founded Government Ruler
Flag of Alaska Alyeska Sitka June 27, 1870
Flag of Canada Canada Winnipeg January 1, 1864
Mx-vc2 Mexico Mexico City August 15, 1961 Communist One-Party State

Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda

Flag of Quebec Quebec Quebec City August 18, 1775
Flag of the United States United States Washington DC July 4, 1776 Presidential Republic Mike Huckabee

South America

Flag Nation Capital Status Date Founded Government
Flag of Brazil 1968-1992 Brazil Brasilia September 7, 1822
Flag of Colombia Colombia Bogota August 7, 1819 Presidential Republic
Flag of Venezuela Venezuela Caracas July 5, 1811 Federal Presidential Republic


Flag Nation Capital Status Date Founded Government Ruler
Flag of Algeria Algeria Algiers 1919 Semi-Presidential Republic
Flag of Mali West Africa Dakar 1947 Military Dictatorship Kenneth Minimah
Flag of Tanganyika Tanganyika Dar es Salaam 1948 Presidential Republic Mizengo Pinda
Flag of Zaire Zaire Kinshasha 1960 Dictatorship Nzanga Mobutu


Flag Nation Capital Status Date Founded Government
Flag of France France Paris 1947
Flag of Germany Germany Vienna August 13, 2003
Flag of Russia Russia Moscow January 1, 2004 Semi-presidential Republic

Defunct Nations

Flag Nation Capital Date Founded Date Disestablished Successor Government
Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918) Austria-Hungary Vienna 1868 1919 Dissolved, German Empire, Hungary, and others Constitutional Monarchy, Personal Union
Flag of California California San Francisco 1845 1944 Annexed by United States Federal Republic
Confederate Rebel Flag Confederate States Richmond 1858 1945 Annexed by United States Federal Republic
Flag of Egypt (1972-1984) Egypt-Syria Cairo 1961 1982 Dissolved, Egypt and Syria Unitary Socialist State
Flag of the German Empire German Empire Berlin 1871 1941 Dissolved, Protectorate of Austria Federal Monarchy
Flag of Bulgaria Kingdom of Bulgaria Sofia 1908 1947 Monarchy abolished, People's Republic of Bulgaria Constitutional Monarchy
United Baltic Duchy flag Livonia Riga 1919 1940 Annexed by Russia Semi-Presidential Republic
Flag of East Germany North Germany Berlin 1945 2003 Reunified with South Germany to form Germany Authoritarian State
Flag of Germany by eric4e Protectorate of Austria Vienna 1941 1945 Dissolved, North Germany and South Germany Authoritarian State
800px-Bandera del II Imperio Mexicano Second Mexican Empire Mexico City 1864 1937 Dissolved, Mexico Constitutional Monarchy
Flag of Germany South Germany Vienna 1945 2003 Reunified with North Germany to form Germany Parliamentary Republic
Flag of Philippe Pétain, Chief of State of Vichy France Third French Empire Paris 1934 1946 Dissolved, Occupied France Devoirist Authoritarian State
Flag of France Third French Republic Paris 1870 1934 Third French Empire proclaimed Parliamentary Democracy