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Flag Name Capital
Flag of the Aceh Sultanate Sultanate of Aceh Banda Aceh
Flag of Afghanistan (1919–1921) Emirate of Afghanistan Kabul
Anatolia (cdr) Anatolian Republic Constantinople
Assam (cdr) Kingdom of Assam Jorhat
Arshakuni Kingdom of Armenia Dvin
Atropatene (cdr) Kingdom of Atropatene Ganzak
Flag of Bahrain Sultanate of Bahrain Manama
Banjarmasin (cdr) Sultanate of Banjar Banjarmasin
Flag of Bavaria (lozengy) Kingdom of Bavaria Regensburg
Bengal (cdr) Sultanate of Bengal Sonargaon
Berau (cdr) Berau Sultanate Berau
Flag of Bhutan Kingdom of Bhutan Timphu
Bohemia (cdr) Kingdom of Bohemia Prague
Bosporus (cdr) Bosporan Kingdom Phanagoria
Old Flag of Brunei Bruneian Empire Brunei City
Flag of the Emirate of Bukhara Emirate of Bukhara Bukhara
Bulgaria (cdr) Bulgar Kingdom Sofia
Flag of the Alaungpaya Dynasty of Myanmar Kingdom of Burma Ava
Abbasid flag The Caliphate Damascus
Ancient flag of Cambodia Kingdom of Cambodia Phnom Penh
Crimea (cdr) Cimmerian Khanate Bakhchisaray
Flag of the Republic of China Republic of China Beijing
Connacht (cdr) State of Connacht Connacht
Dacia (cdr) Dacian Kingdom Sarmizegetusa Regia
Denmark (cdr) Kingdom of Denmark Copenhagen
East indies (cdr) Republic of the East Indies Jakarta
England (cdr) Kingdom of England London
Eprius (cdr) Republic of Epirus Phoenice
Estonia (cdr) Republic of Estonia Reval
Francia (cdr) Kingdom of the Franks Prospèreville
Frisia (cdr) Frisian Kingdom Urbem-Aquae
Sakartvelo - drosha Kingdom of Georgia Tbilisi
Germany (cdr) Kingdom of Germany Hauptstadt
Greece (cdr) Kingdom of Greece Athens
Gujarat Republic of Gujarat Ahmedabad
Flag of the Emirate of Ha'il Emeriate of Ha'il Ha'il
Hungary (cdr) Principality of Hungary Buda
Asafia flag of Hyderabad State State of Hyderabad Hyderabad
Iceland (cdr) Republic of Iceland Reykjavik
Illyria (cdr) Kingdom of Illyria Dominus-Aquam
Ingria (cdr) Ingrian Republic St. Petersburg
Italy (cdr) Kingdom Italy Italia
Rajput (cdr) Kingdom of Jaipur Jaipur
Flag of Japan Kingdom of Japan Tokyo
Jambi (cdr) Sultanate of Jambi Jambi
Johor (cdr) Sultanate of Johor Tanjung Puteri
QalatFlag Khanate of Kalat Kalat
King of Kandy Kingdom of Kandy Kandy
Karelia (cdr) Karelian Republic Murmansk
Kazakh Khanate Kazakh Khanate Turkistan
Kerala (cdr) Republic of Kerala Chennai
Bandera de Khiva 1917-1920 Khanate of Khiva Khiva
Flag of Kokand Khanate of Kokand Kokand
Old flag of korea Republic of Korea Hanseong
Kurdistan (cdr) Republic of Kurdistan Mosul
Kutai (cdr) Sultanate of Kutai Kutai
Laotia (cdr) Lao Republic Vientiane
Leinster (cdr) Republic of Leinster Leinster
Macedonia (cdr) Empire of Macedonia Pella
Flag of Maguindanao Sultanate of Maguindanao Kuta Wato
Flag of the Maratha Empire Maratha Empire Raigad
Flag of the Sultanate of Mataram Sultanate of Mataram Kartosuro
Mesopotamia (cdr) Republic of Mesopotamia Baghdad
Flag of Mongolia Khaanate of Mongolia Ulan Bator
Moravia (cdr) Kingdom of the Great Moravia Veligrad
Flag of the Mughal Empire Mughal Empire Tanjung Puteri
Munster (cdr) Republic of Munster Munster
Flag of Muscat Sultanate of Muscat and Oman Muscat
Flag of Mysore Kingdom of Mysore Mysore
Flag of the Second Saudi State Emirate of Nejd Riyadh
Flag of Nepal Kingdom of Nepal Kathmandu
Nogai (cdr) Nogai Khanate Saray-Jük
Norway (cdr) Kingdom of Norway Oslo
Flag of Iran before 1979 Revolution Kingdom of Persia Tehran
Chorągiew królewska króla Zygmunta III Wazy Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Warsaw
Pomerania (cdr) State of Pomerania Gdansk
Flag of Qatar Sultanate of Qatar Doha
SPQR flag Roman Republic Rome
Flag of Russia Kingdom of Russia Moscow
Sambas (cdr) Sultanate of Sambas Pontianak
Flag of the Kingdom of Sarawak (1870) Kingdom of Sarawak Kuching
800px-Old Saxony banner Saxon Kingdom Eresburg
Flag of Scotland Kingdom of Scotland Edinburgh
Sikh Empire flag Sikh Empire Lahore
Sind (cdr) Sind Kingdom Karachi
Sparta (cdr) Republic of Sparta Sparta
Late 19th Century Flag of Sulu Sultanate of Sulu Astana Putih
Sweden (cdr) Kingdom of Sweden Stockholm
Flag of Thailand Kingdom of Thailand Bangkok
Thrace (cdr) Kingdom of Thrace Seuthopolis
Flag of Tibet Kingdom of Tibet Lhasa
Ukraine (cdr) Republic of Ukraine Kiev
Ulster (cdr) State of Ulster Ulster
Flag of Uriankhai (1918-1921) State of Uriankhai Kyzyl
Venetia (cdr) Republic of Venetia Venetia
Second flag of the Nguyen Dynasty Kingdom of Vietnam Phu Xuan
Flag of Wales Kingdom of Wales Cardiff
Flag of the Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen Sana'a

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