Those are  the following countries in the Peaceful World. 

The Americas

  • State of Alaska
  • Caribbean Republic
  • Guiana
  • Latin America Republic
  • North America Confederation 

Europe, Asia, Africa & Oceania


  • Afghakistan
  • Borneo
  • Central Asia
  • India
  • Indochina
  • Israeli-Jordanian Federation
  • Kopan
  • New Arabia
  • Philippines
  • Russia (also in Europe)
  • Turkish-Cypriots Federation
  • United Republic of China


  • Hornland
  • New African Union
  • Republic of the West Africa
  • State of North Africa
  • Union of African Islands


  • Dutch State
  • Eastern Europe Republic
  • Federation of French, German, Italian & Swiss
  • Iceland
  • Iberia
  • Russia (also in Europe)
  • United States of Northern Europe


  • Australia
  • New Zealand North
  • New Zealand South
  • Pacific Union

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