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Mexican Empire
Nations and Organizations

This is a List of Nations from the the timeline Mexican Empire.


North America

Nation Capital Language(s) Head of State Notes
50px Canada Ottawa English Queen Elizabeth II
Cas Cascadia Seattle English John Kitzhaber
Csa Confederate States Richmond English Marshall C. Sanford Jr.
Flag of Mexico (1821-1823) Mexico Mexico City Spanish, English Fernando I
New England pine flag New England Boston English Mitt Romney
Flag of the Patriote movement (Lower Canada) Quebec Quebec French Rotating Presidency
Us17 Union of Free States Philadelphia English Richard Cheney

South America

Nation Capital Language(s) Head of State Notes
Argentina Buenos Aires Spanish
Brazil Brasilia Portuguese
Great Colombia Bogotá Spanish Alvaro Uribe
North Chile Iquique Spanish
South Chile Concepción Spanish
Paraguay Asunción Spanish


Nation Capital Language(s) Head of State Notes
France Paris French Jacques Chirac
Germany Berlin German Horst Köhler
United Kingdom London English Queen Elizabeth II
Russian Empire Moscow Russia Maria I


Defunct Nations

Nation Capital Language(s) Head of State Notes
Republic of Iowa Des Moines English None Existed 1916-1919, Allied Power

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