Flag Nation Government Founded in Capital
Flag of France France Absolute monarchy 1804 Paris
Flag of Great Britain (1707-1800) Great Britain Constitutional


1707 London
Flag of Weimar Republic (defence minister 1919) Germany Hitlerist Republic 1953 Berlin
Flag of the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy Italy Constitutional Republic 1817 Naples
Flag of Russia Russia Unitary System 1721 Petrograd
Flag of Spain Spain Constitutional


1817 Madrid
Flag of Denmark Denmark-Norway Hitlerist dictatorship 1536 Copenhagen
Flag of Sweden Sweden Hitlerist Republic 1397 Stockholm
Flag of Krakow Poland Unitary System 1817 Warsaw
Romanov Flag Vienna Unitary System 1876 Vienna
Flag of Saar 1920-1935 Alpine Republic Unitary system 1948 Vaduz
Flagasolardii Greece Constitutional Republic 1912 Athens
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Constitutional Republic 1291 Geneva
Flag of Ireland Ireland Constitutional Republic 1946 Dublin
Flag of Romania Romania Federal Monarchy 1876 Bucharest

Nations in North America

Flag Nation Government Founded in Capital
Flag of Alaska Alaska Hitlerist dictatorship 1942 Fort Yukon
US flag 30 stars United States Constitutional


1781 Philadelphia
Flag of the Kingdom of Louisiana Louisiana Unitary system 1770 New Orleans
Flag of Cross of Burgundy New Spain 1817 San Diego
Greater Iroquois flag Tribal Union Confederal republic 1859 Myakka City


Flag Nation Government Founded in Capital
KwaZulu flag 1977 Zulu Kingdom Absolute monarchy 1816 Ulundi
Flag of Algeria Algeria Totalitarian dictatorship 1962 El Bayadh
Flag of Morocco Morocco Constitutional Monarchy 1956 Rabat
Flag of Libya Egypt Totalitarian dictatorship 1967 Hurghada
Flag of Guinea Guinea Totalitarian dictatorship 1960 Abuja
Flag of Rwanda Kingdom of Rwanda Absolute monarchy 1081 Nyanza
Flag of Oyo Oyo Empire Hitlerist dictatorship c. 1400 Oyo-Ile
Flag of Transkei Xhosa Empire Unitary system 1822 Oudtshoorn
Flag of the Kingdom of Kongo Kingdom of Kongo Absolute monarchy 1391 Kinshasa
Flag of Hatillo, Puerto Rico Kanem-Bornu Empire Absolute monarchy c. 700 Njimi
Flag of First Songhai Kingdom of New Songhai Constitutional


1856 Gao
Flag of Darfur Darfur Sultanate 1968 Al Fasher

Asia and Oceania

Flag Nation Government Founded in Capital
ChinaRepublicFlag China Hitlerist Republic 1912 Shanghai
Flag of the Maratha Empire Maratha Empire Absolute monarchy 1674 Raigad
Flag of the First Saudi State Saudi Arabia Constitutional


1901 Riyadh
Flag of the Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire Caliphate 1299 Damascus
Flag of Jordan Mandeb Totalitarian dictatorship 1959 Al Mukalla
Flag of Hejaz 1926 Hejaz Totalitarian dictatorship 1963 Riddah
Flag of Israel Israel Constitutional Monarchy 1963 Jerusalem
Flag of Singapore Indonesia Absolute monarchy 1817 Jakarta
Flag of Russia Russia Unitary System 1721 Petrograd
Flag of Japan Japan Federal Monarchy 660 BCE Tokyo
Eureka Flag Australia Constitutional monarchy 1817 Cairns

Defunct Nations

Flag Nation Government Founded in Capital
American Confederation Confederal Republic Atlanta
Flag of Napoleonic Austria Austria Absolute Monarchy 1816 Vienna
Alleged flag of the Rhine Confederation 1806-13 Confederation of the Rhine Confederal Republic 1806 Frankfurt
Flag of the German Empire German Empire Federal monarchy 1875 Berlin
Flag of the German Reich (1935–1945) Nazi Germany Hitlerist dictatorship 1933 Berlin
Flag of the Kingdom of Portugal Portugal Absolute monarchy 1128 Lisbon

List of important powers: Great Powers (Louisiana Revolution)