Nations in Europe

People's Republic of Albania

Republic of Corsica

United Republic of Eire

Kingdom of England

Kingdom of Flanders

Kingdom of France

People's Republic of Greece

Union of Hungary-Venetia

Confederation of Iberian Nations

Republic of Iceland

Idel-Ural State

International Union

Itatian Federation

Principaty of Liege

Kingdom of Montenegro

Kingdom of Naples and Sicily

Kingdom of Navarre

United Netherlands

Oukrainian republic

Kingdom of Portugal

Sardinian republic

Swabian Empire


Grand Duchy of Tuscany

People's Federation of Yugoslavia

Asia and Oceania


Nations in Asia

Kingdom of Afghanistan

Kingdom of Arabia

Democratic Republic of Armenia

Republic of Australia

Kingdom of Balochistan

Kingdom of Bukhara

Empire of Burma

Kingdom of Buthan

Buryat Mongol State

Caucasian Union

Democratic Cambodia

Republic of China

Republic of Chircassia

Republic of Armenian Cilicia

Republic of Ezo

Federal Republic of Gangestan

Republic of Georgia

Social Republic of Golconda

Social Republic of Japan

Indonesian republic

Kingdom of Kashmir

Khakassian kingdom

Kingdom of Khorezm

Kingdom of Korea

Kurdish People's Republic

Independent People's Republic of Laos

Republic of Maharashtra

Sultanate of Mahr and Sokotra

Malay Union

Kingdom of Mongolia

Kingdom of Nepal

Oirat kingdom

Sultanate of Oman

Ossetian republic

Ottoman Empire

Empire of Persia

Kingdom of the Philippines

Democratic Republic of Pont

Kingdom of Punjab

Kingdom of Rajputana

People's State of Ryukyu

Republic of Saha

Kingdom of Siam

Kingdom of Sikkim

Social Republic of Sri Lanka

Federal Republic of Sumatra

Social Democratic Republic of Taiwan

Tamil Republic

The Great Tartaria


Federative Republic of Turkestan

Republic of Tuva

Tyumenian republic

Uygur Union

Social Republic of Vietnam

Kingdom of Yemen

North America

South America


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