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Here is a list of Nations in Ard Marjhoola, and if indented, subdivisions:

Abbasid Caliphate 750 AD -

Bulgarian Empire 632 AD - 1018 AD

Caliphate of Córdoba 929 AD -

Emirate of Ard Marjhoola 1071 AD -

Kingdom of Croatia 925 AD -

Crusader States 1053 AD -

Kingdom of Denmark 8th Century AD -

Eastern Roman Empire 330 AD -

Kingdom of England 927 AD -

Fatimid Caliphate 909 AD -

Emirate of Sicily 965 AD -
Emirate of Catanzaro 960's AD -

Kingdom of France 843 AD -

Holy Roman Empire 962 AD -

Norman States in Italy 1021 AD -

Papal States 752 AD -

Kingdom of Poland 1025 AD -

Taifa of Zaragoza 1008 AD -

Other States, with no currently planned notable changes from our Timeline:

Kingdom of Goryeo 918 AD -

Heian Period Japan 794 AD -

Song Dynasty China 960 AD -

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