Nations of the world


Kingdom of Austria (Austria + South-Tyrol + Czech Republic)
Basque Country
Kingdom of Bavaria
Kingdom of Bulgaria (OTL Bulgaria minus the south)
Caucasian Union
Eíre (OTL: Republic of Ireland + North-Ireland)
United Kingdom of England and Scotland (OTL: UK – North-Ireland)
France Republic (OTL: France minus Bretagne, Lorraine, Elsace, Lanquedoc, Corsica and Savoy)
Kingdom of Lorraine-Luxembourg(OTL: Wallonia, Luxembourg, Lorraine, Alsace and South-Rhineland)
Kingdom of the Netherlands (OTL Netherland + Flanders, North-Rhinland and East-Frisia)
Kingdom of Spain (OTL Spain minus Catalonia, Basque Country and Illes Baleares)
Republic of Portugal
Kingdom of Italy (OTL: Italy + Savoy and Corsica minus South-Tyrol and Trieste)
Republic of Slavonia (Slovenia, Kroatia, Bosnia/Herzegovina and the city of Trieste)
Kingdom of Greece (OTL Greece + Albania + Kosova + Macedonia and South-Bulgaria)
Serbian Republic (Serbia and Montenegro minus Kosovo)
Republic of Hungary (Hungary + West-Slovakia + Transylvania)
German Empire
Kingdom of Saxony
Polish-Lithuanion Union
Polish Republic
Lithuanian Republic
Scandinavian Union
Kingdom of All Russians
Ottomanian Kingdom of Turkey


Federation of Levantia
Cyprus (The island of Cyprus)
Syria (Today's Syria)
Lebanon (Today's Lebanon)
Northern Arabia (area south of the Dead Sea, South Jordan, South-West Iraq and Northern Saudi-Arabia)
Amman (Today's Jordan minus South of the Death Sea)
Judea (Southern Israel, south of Jerusalem)
Israel (Northern Israel, north of Jerusalem)
Federal Capital of Jerusalem (City of Jerusalem)
Mesopotamia (Iraq minus part of Levantia, Kurdistan plus Kuwait)
Persia (Iran)

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