This is a list of military and political leaders who fought on the side of NATO and its allied and co-belligerent nations during World War III. [In progress]

Flag of NATONATO nations

Flag of the United States United States

  • John F. Kennedy, President from 1961-1969. Survived an assassination attempt during the war.
  • Lyndon B. Johnson, Secretary of Defense 1965-1969.
  • Richard Nixon, President from 1969-1977.
  • William Westmoreland, General .
  • Creighton Abrams, General
  • Robert McNamara, Secretary of Defense
  • Earle Wheeler, Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • Elmo Zumwalt, Admiral

Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom

  • Harold Macmillan, Prime Minister 1957-1963
  • Sir Alec Douglas-Home, Prime Minister 1963-1971
  • The Earl Mountbatten of Burma, KG, GCB, GCSI, GCIE, GCVO, DSO, Chief of the Defense Staff for the Navy
  • Sir Charles Elworthy, GCB, CBE, DSO, LVO, DFC, AFC, Marshal of the Royal Air Force
  • Sir Richard Hull, GCB, DSO, Field Marshall
  • Peter Thorneycroft, Secretary of State for Defense
  • Walter Walker, General

Flag of France France

  • Charles de Gaulle, President 1959-1969
  • Georges Pompodou, President 1969-1974
  • Maurice Amann, General
  • Pierre Messmer, Secretary of Defense

Canadian Red Ensign (1957-1965) Canada

  • John Diefenbaker, Prime Minister 1957-1963
  • Lester Pearson, Prime Minister 1963-1968
  • Pierre Trudeau, Prime Minister 1968-1972
  • Douglas Harkness, Minister of Defense 1960-1963
  • Gordon Churchill, Minister of Defense 1963
  • Paul Hellyer, Minister of Defense 1963-1970

Flag of Germany West Germany

  • Konrad Adenauer, Chancellor 1949-1963
  • Ludwig Erhard, Chancellor 1963-1966
  • Kurt George Kiesinger, Chancellor 1966-1969
  • Franz Josef Strauß, Minister of Defense 1961-1963
  • Kai-Uwe von Hassel, Minister of Defense 1963-1966
  • Gerhard Schröder, Minister of Defense 1966-1970

Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands

  • Jan de Quay
  • Dirk Stikker
  • Stim Visser
  • Piet de Jong

Flag of Belgium Belgium

  • Théo Lefèvre
  • Pierre Harmel
  • Paul Vanden Boeynants
  • C.P. de Cumont

Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg

  • Pierre Werner, Prime Minister 1959-1974

Flag of Portugal Portugal

  • António de Oliveira Salazar, Prime Minister 1932-1968
  • Marcello José das Neves Alves Caetano, Prime Minister 1968-1974
  • Américo Tomás, President 1958-1974
  • António Augusto dos Santos, General
  • Kaúlza de Oliveira de Arriaga, General

Flag of Italy Italy

  • Giuseppe Gronchi, President from 1955 to 1962
  • Antonio Segni, President from 1962 to 1964
  • Amintore Fanfani, Prime Minister from 1960 to 1963
  • Giovanni Leone, Prime Minister from 1963 to 1963
  • Aldo Moro, Prime Minister from 1960 to 1968, year of his assassin
  • Antonio Gualano, Chief of Staff of the Italian Army and Lt. General from 1960 to 1962
  • Giuseppe Aloia, Chief of Staff of the Italian Army and Lt. General from 1962 to 1966
  • Renato De Francesco, General Commanding of the Arm of the Carabinieri from 1960 to 1962
  • Giovanni de Lorenzo, General Commanding of the Arm of the Carabinieri from 1962 to 1966

Flag of Norway Norway

Flag of Iceland Iceland

Flag of Greece (1822-1978) Greece

Flag of Turkey Turkey

Flag of Iran before 1979 Revolution Iran

Flag of Pakistan Pakistan

Allies and Partners

Flag of Australia Australia

  • Robert Menzies - Prime Minister (1949-1966)
  • Harold Holt - Prime Minister (1966-1967)
  • John McEwen - Prime Minister (1967-1968)
  • John Gorton - Prime Minister (1968-1971)
  • Sir Frederick Scherger, Chairman, Chiefs of Staff Committee 1961-1966
  • Sir Reginald Pollard, Chief of Army 1960-1963

Flag of New Zealand New Zealand

  • Keith Holyoake, Prime Minister 1960-1972

Flag of Cyprus Cyprus

Flag of Spain (1945 - 1977) Spain

  • Francisco Franco, Caudillo of Spain 1939-1975

Flag of Mexico Mexico

Flag of Brazil Brazil

Flag of Chile Chile

Flag of Argentina Argentina

Flag of Colombia Colombia

Flag of South Africa 1928-1994 South Africa

Flag of Japan Japan

Flag of South Korea South Korea

  • Park Chung-hee, Presient 1961-1975
  • Chae Myung-shin, ROK Armed Forces Commander
  • Lee Se-ho, General
  • General Kim Jong-Oh, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 1960-1965
  • General Jang Chang-Guk, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 1965-1967
  • General Yim Chung-Sik, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 1967-1968
  • General Moon Hyeung-Tae, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 1968-1970

Flag of South Vietnam South Vietnam

  • Ngô Đình Diệm, President 1955-1963. Assassinated during the war
  • Dương Văn Minh, President 1963-1972
  • Nguyễn Văn Thiệu, President 1969-1977
  • Cao Văn Viên, chief of staff of the Vietnamese Joint General Staff
  • Nguyễn Viết Thanh, General
  • Hoàng Xuân Lãm, General
  • Lê Nguyên Khang, Republic of Vietnam Marine Corps Commander
  • Ngo Quang Thong, lieutenant general and commander of the I Corps

Flag of Thailand Thailand

  • Sarit Thanarat, Prime Minister 1958-1963
  • Thanom Kittikachorn, Prime Minister 1963-1976

Flag of Laos (1952-1975) Laos

Flag of Cambodia Cambodia

Flag of Malaysia Malaysia

Flag of the Philippines Philippines

  • Diosdado Macapagal, President from 1961-1965
  • Ferdinand Marcos, President 1965-1986

Flag of the Republic of ChinaRepublic of China (Taiwan)

  • Chiang Kai-shek, leader of the ROC on the mainland from 1927-1948 and the ROC on Taiwan from 1949-1975


Flag of Austria Austria

Flag of Finland Finland

Insurgent groups

Flag of the Hungarian Revolution (1956)Hungarian Insurgents (Free Hungarian Army)

Flag of Poland Polish anti-communist insurgents

Flag of Slovakia Czechoslovak Resistance Army

Proposed German National Flag 1948 East German Resistance Army